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Here’s a Masterpiece for Singles and Married alike. Folake is a seasoned author I’ve known for years!

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The first blush of love

Hello there, dear grandchild. Why don’t you come in and take a seat, near me here? Take a load off your feet, won’t you? See how you’ve grown, dear child. Do you remember how we used to cuddle up when you were little and in my house for the weekends? Oh, I miss those days, those days when you were little and your grandmother was your best friend.

Yes, I miss those days, but I also love days like this. You know, with you grown and being able to talk sense with me, for me to be able to have a meaningful conversation with you.

Oh, baby, I can see the glow in your eyes, those emotion spots on your cheeks. And believe you me, your grandmother used to have those too, back in the days. You are…

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Patricia had put on her blue jeans and a red top and off she went to visit her friend who lived some miles away that Saturday evening.

Patricia is a banker and hardly finds time to socialise so the little time weekend affords her, she tries to cease it and use it to the best of her ability.

On her way to Toyins house, she got robbed. She was receiving a phone call and just about stepping out to the supermarket, 2 guys surrounded her car and in a split second, snatched her bag from her.

She had a 200naira in her jeans pocket and decided to use that in buying plantain for her friend instead of the mini shopping she planned to do at the supermarket.

Getting to Toyins house, she didn’t just want to mention the fact that her bag was snatched , not wanting Toyin to feel that she went through that on account of visiting her. Moreso, Patricia is someone that easily overlooks things and will not gloss over mishaps or disappointments for days.

She had a nice time with encouraging Toyin and trying to help her snap out of the issue (so she thought) and handed over the plantain to her and promising to see her soon. (Toyin had just lost her job)

Toyin felt disappointed in Patricia. A whole me Toyin thought. How could she give me Plantain worth a paltry sum. Toyin told some of her friends who came visiting, she called up her fiance to tell him, she said it while she gisted in church on Sunday, she posted it (indirectly on facebook) and there the message went on to suggest Patricia as not living up to her status as a banker (even if it was just that day that Patricia could not live up to expectation)


Assumption is the termite that destroys and eats up relationships.
Little did Toyin know that Patricia was about getting stuffs for her when she was robbed.
Patricia had gone ahead to spend the only money she had in her pocket to buy the plantain.
If that is not love, what is it?

Yet, Toyin had gone ahead to tell whoever cares to listen how Patricia… a whole banker came to her house with a bunch of plantain worth 200naira.


The Question is…

If what actually happened behind the scenes is eventually made known to Patricia, HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN SHE GO BACK TO, TELLING THEM THAT WHAT SHE SAID FIRST WAS AN INSINUATION?

Yours might have nothing to do with a bunch of plantain.
It could be anything transpiring between you, your friends, family and partner.
Always give explanations on behalf of people.

If you look back, you’d agree with me that you’ve had experiences of making assumptions on people and finding out you were not right after all. .

How did you feel after that?

What happens if Toyin finds out about all Patricia has said regardless of her efforts?

Run from Assumptions today.

It destroys relationships and leaves you feeling guilty.

God Cares About Your Sexuality



Awwwwwwwwwh……. God is so concerned about Sex and your sexuality EVERYDAY!

He just said to me clearly this morning at 2:41am…
“Continue to tell people about sex day after day”

Hmmm…. I wonder sometimes when Pst Dunamis Tunde Okunowo II will talk about sex and will never get exhausted and he’s been doing that for years now! The words have never been obsolete and keeps making sense.

Surely…. there’s something about SEX!

I receive the Grace Lord.

keep tabs.
No messing around with that body.
It’s not yours.
It’s Gods dwelling place!!!

The Question NOW IS…

Where are you when it comes to SEX. Single/Married.
Not the past.

-Bukola Adeolu-‘Dele

WHAT DO YOU HAVE?… that’s the point!


Have you ever been so hungry that your body started shaking?

I remember those trying times at home when food was very difficult to have on the table. I remember those hausa men that bought clothes, and even old newspapers by measuring with a stick and then they pay the money equivalent from their calculations.

Then, our eyes glittered at the sound of those Hausa men passing by as we quickly knew we were going to exchange either our newspapers or used clothes for a piece or pieces of paper that had value…(money).

There were some who will give plastics and other valuables in exchange.

I can imagine if we had NOTHING to exchange, it was almost like real death was imminent. hmmmm.

Bartering as we all know is the process of trading services or goods between two parties. When people barter, everyone benefits because they receive items or services they need or want.

Look at the account of Solomon and Hiram in First Kings chapter 5.

Solomon needed materials to build a house unto God and approached Hiram. At first, I thought Hiram was just being nice to give Solomon the materials he needed because of his relationship with David, Solomons Father not until I saw his words and request in verse 9…

“My servants shall bring them down from Lebanon unto the sea: and I will convey them by sea in floats unto the place that thou shalt appoint me, and will cause them to be discharged there, and thou shalt receive them: and thou shalt accomplish my desire, in giving food for my household”

Hmm…. That was trade by barter!

Solomon had the food.
Hiram has the building materials.

Hiram needed the food.
Solomon needed the building materials.

On point!


Then the Lord spoke to my spirit…

This year like every other year in the past, we shall only get THE MATERIALS needed for our buildings (PROJECTS) to the degree at which we increase in capacity and value!

So, in other words, we must have something to give in exchange for what we need.

You don’t necessarily need to have money which is the greatest undoing of many serial billionaires still in the cooler!
What you need is to increase in value and then, you’d attract either the material equivalent to acquire what you need for your projects or the actual needs met.

Note that Solomon did not say because Hiram was his Fathers friend, he should not ask for the food he needed for his household. No wonder, we expect our friends to always give us things for free or to borrow us money without asking for it back.

Our mentality of wanting something for nothing should be totally done away with this year if we must arrive somewhere meaningful and tangible!

Get closer to God in fellowship.

Study deep and wide from the bible and relevant books.

Acquire and sharpen relevant skills needed in your field.

Do away with Bad Habits and acquire new ones.

(Same Requirements! It’s not changing. It’s just that we are not committed to it)

As we GROW in value, our dreams, visions and goals attract the materials needed thereby becoming achievable.

The question is…


That’s the point.
Develop it and Run with it!

– Bukola Adeolu-‘Dele




Most of us have great dreams and goals written out for this year but you’d agree with me that there are degrees of challenges that can keep one from achieving them.

It’s so easy to be distracted by challenges that you end up going through your goals by the end of the year and you even forgot you were the one that penned them down!

A man that is being attacked in his body, at home, at work and even at his place of worship will no doubt experience some setbacks when it comes to his carefully laid out plans.

David, despite his desire to build a house in God’s name, could not do so because he faced wars on every side.

Friends our good intentions and desires is not enough! It takes God’s edge of protection amongst others to ensure we experience the reality of our goals this year.

When Solomon was annointed King, God gave him REST on every side and the bible says that there was no adversary or evil occurrence.

Look at the difference…

David faced WARS on EVERY SIDE while Solomon had REST on EVERY SIDE!

Which would you rather prefer?

I don’t know about you but I’d prefer REST ON EVERY SIDE!

Rest in my body
Rest in my finances
Rest in my family.
Rest in my work.

David purposed to build a house unto God.
Solomon also purposed the same.

However, the difference is God’s intervention and grace!

As we continue in this year with our carefully laid out plans, goals, visions and dreams, I pray that the Lord grants us all REST ON EVERY SIDE.

We shall not experience wars and adversity.
Our case shall be different.
Our enemies shall be silenced.
Infirmities and sickness shall be far from us.
Lack and want will not be named with us.

And just like different people on the surface of the earth have purposed in their hearts to do projects of all kinds, we shall be part of those who purposed and accomplished it in Jesus mighty name.

Receive Grace! Grace! Great Grace!

Ref:1kings 5:3-5



He works Behind the scene.

He operates out of the senses.

He asks that you shut out the noise and listen to the stillness within.

It could seem fearful not to have something tangible to hold on to.

But just like we can’t hold our spirit which is the real man, it’s time to hold on to God’s promises which is the real deal!

God is known to only serve the meal when it’s fully cooked.



  – Bukola Adeolu-‘Dele



If there’s anything I’d like to encourage us to do better this year… It is for us to deal and operate with people by the spirit and not by our physical senses alone.

How many of us are witnesses to the fact that you have people in your past that never looked like it. Friends you went to school with that their future looked “bleak”, maybe because of their grades or their looks.

Well, you might agree with me now that all that no longer matters because they are shinning in their fields and you might just have wished you were closer to them!

Let this year never catch you giving regard, admiration and respect to people just because of what you intend to gain from them financially and in other forms. In as much as there’s nothing bad in striking good networks with people, my main point here is don’t let what people possess determine your relationship with them.

So also more importantly, don’t despise the ones that don’t seem like it now!


You never can tell, you might need their help later but because the distance created has been so huge, you join others on the long queue instead of accessing him by a phone call!

I remember a woman sometime ago in a particular environment I won’t like to mention. There was a particular way this woman looked at me. We are all humans and will definitely notice  responses from people that are not fair enough.

Even when talking in the midst of a group, she seemed to despise what I say, ignore and most times, behave as if I wasn’t existing. It was as bad as that.

However, a day came and I drove in to this particular premises with my car. She saw me park not too far from her “smaller”car. I walked in to the same meeting point.  Guess what??? It was like a tap on the switch of a globe. When she saw me that afternoon, she greeted me first and with such undeniable spark in her eyes!

You can give any excuse for her but I was convinced that her sudden change in disposition was not unconnected to the fact that she saw me driving a car. ( She doesn’t even know whether its mine or its borrowed)

And that goes for single ladies too who have vowed that they will never go near a man that does not have a car. Hmm… time will fail me to give you different real life examples of those who chased money in the now and the guy ended up broke while the one who seemed like nothing but with a valid dream is the one making the waves. Such girls only romance their shallow minded decisions in regret!

Have you ever wondered why God himself dots over you today even at your zero level???
Because he knows what he has packaged inside of you!

The whole world might despise you now but he knows what is about to be showcased to the world!

So… never despise another man neither give more regard to people because of what you think you stand to gain from them. Some even end up unnoticed and frustrated in the end.

Be wise this year!

Ref: Jude 1:16b…and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage.

– Love thrives with Understanding



Happy New Year and welcome to my first ever blog post in the year 2017.

The year is 2weeks gone already and I must say that its not easy to be disciplined because discipline is not what comes to us naturally. It’s a conscious and deliberate step in line with what we know should be done to access our desires.

I really need that grace to be consistent in my blog posts this year regardless.

That said… let me move on to what I want to share with us today and that is THE FIGHT.

Are you fighting? If you are, are you winning or loosing?

Let me help you know if you’re loosing or winning and the reasons behind either of the two.

In this world we are both in, we are up against a fight and this fight is not with our physical hands but with the words we speak with our mouths and in our minds! So, the battle ground is the mind, our words is the bullet and weapon of warfare. The enemy (the devil)/is who we are fighting with and as long as we remain on the earth, the battle of the mind goes on!

The question still is… Are you winning or loosing?


The enemy engages us in discussions through our MINDS just as he did with Jesus. Whenever we are empty of the word of God, he wins the discussion through the manipulations of the scriptures which ends in fear, depression and discouragement on our part.

However, if we are knowledgeable and skilled in the word of God, we engage him in the battle of words. Like a workman rightly dividing the word of truth, he submits to our revelation of the truth and so, we go ahead to lay hold on Gods promises for our lives.

Just like Jesus engaged the devil in the scriptures, (Luke 4), we are expected to do the same everyday of our lives.
The devils discussions with us is the battle and the bridge between our earthly unfavourable circumstances and God’s finished work in our favour as reflected in the scriptures.

Even the temptations we face in our everyday lives, they can easily be overcome when we reply the devil with the word of God that we have become skilled in. No one can become skilled in what he does us not put to constant use!

The reason we easily give in to temptations is because we lack the word. we have neglected the place of the word and so, when the devil comes to manipulate the scriptures, we have no word to reply him with like Jesus did.

Many people will quote scriptures today to buttress fornication, adultery and all forms of evil. That is still the same spirit of the Antichrist at work! He has not changed.

Temptations come to and test us and not to swallow us up and when we overcome by the word (our only guarantee), we return in power! Sin specialises in robbing us of the power we need to operate successfully in this life.

After temptation comes honour. Its designed to test us in view of our next level of elevation. Some time ago, the Holy Spirit said to me clearly… “The devil has been given the go ahead to sharpen the saints”

Now that’s deep!
Any temptation the devil brings  our way is to test the grounds we are standing on and once we don’t give in to it, we become sharpened!

It could be in our relationships, finances. Just name it. We can’t afford to be living a sexually purified life but change figures in the office. We are meant to overcome temptations on every side!

In conclusion, are you ready to take a WORD RIDE with me this 2017?
That is our only guarantee to come into somewhere significant and outstanding this year.

Like I pointed out at the beginning of this blog post, you need to embrace DISCIPLINE or else, your plan to read the bible through this year will be another resolution that lacks the power to do.


Father, help me to be grounded and skilled in your word this year that I might be able to overcome the temptations of the devil and be empowered for my next level in Jesus name.

Ref:Luke 4

Till I come your way again…

Stay Purified.

Make yourself available Dear Single Lady.



Dear Single Lady,

Are you wondering how much longer you’d have to wait for that guy to show up?

The point is… You believe that your man will show up right?

The question is… asides believing (in your mind),  where is your Faith?

Please understand that whenever you say you have faith, it should include ACTIONS!

So, what ACTIONS in faith did your friend, Ruth take in her quest for a fulfilling life?

1.   She sought work first with due diligence. That is the order! Work first!

2. She was intentional and deliberate about what she wanted! She wanted favour in the sight of a man even though she didn’t have a particular man in mind!

3. She had a mentor guiding her.(her mother-in-law)

4.   She was serving someone older, under an authority and not bothering to have her own accommodation as a result, not dodging accountability.

5.   She knew what she wanted and asked for it.

6. She was humble.

7.   She made herself presentable and available with due integrity.

The Question is…

After prayers, are you rightly positioned?

Do have a beautiful day ahead.




There are “crazy” acts of faith I’m made of and I’ve read about more “crazier” acts from others.

If you’re just working with one plus one alone giving you two, it’s time to step up! Get to the level where your one without another one will be two!!!

Let me share ONE of such with you…

Many years ago, I needed accommodation so I had to “squat” with a very nice friend off campus.
Soon, I noticed guys came in at night into that one room and I began to feel uncomfortable.
I’ve been very okay staying with her because she’s indeed a lovely lady but I had advised she does something about these guys and men.

However, on this particular NIGHT, I was asleep on the bed while she was outside with a man. I just felt someone tap me by the hand. It was the face of a guy right before me. He looked into my eyes and said…

“Have you ever been kissed?”

Wow! I felt mad!!! If you know me, I don’t walk on the edged of shit! I don’t take nonsense. My Christianity is not diluted!

I was just pissed off and didn’t give him an answer. I simply got out of bed, tried to call the attention of my friend and told her about what just took place.

She apologised and made the guy know she was angry but when I spoke about these men issues, she told me still that there was nothing she could do about it!

You know what? I told her I was leaving her house that same NIGHT! Not evening oh. THAT SAME NIGHT!

And so, like Abraham, I left not knowing where I was going.

The question is…



Part 2

So, I stepped out with some of my things, took a cab and headed in the direction of my school (school was not yet in session) It was my teaching practice period.

As I walked along the usually busy street of Agbowo (University of Ibadan) Nigeria, which was now quiet, someone tapped me from behind.

It was one of my course mates. She asked me what I was doing outside at that time of the night. I told her that I needed an accommodation. She was shocked! She said… “this night”? I said yes!

She thought I was joking and felt I had somewhere in mind. I told her confidently that I had nowhere in mind but I was so sure that I won’t be sleeping outside that night.

She felt uneasy and so ruffled at the confidence I displayed. She kept saying I should be serious and that where on earth do I expect to sleep that night.

Hmmm…. We kept walking forward while I told her not to worry. In few minutes, she said… ” Well Bukky, I rented a BQ (Boys quarters) in school but I won’t be using it again. I have another option. Do you mind staying there?

I was like, haa… no problem I don’t mind, thinking maybe arrangements will be made later.
Right there that night in the middle of that road, she opened her bag and handed over the keys to the BQ to me!

I moved in that same night and that was where I stayed till I got my own accomodation!

The point is this…


No wonder our God days in Hebrews 12:4…
“In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood”

Have you?
Any little thing these days, our pants are down and figures are changed!
Step higher and do a re-think!

Now…. Isn’t God an awesome God who moves fast and on point, on behalf of those who depend on him without alternatives??? THINK about that situation of yours in a minute.  Are you really totally dependent on God or looking up to man while claiming to look up to God?

Make a shift today. Surely, God rules in the affairs of men and directs men to serve us but never encourages us to seek men first as he has said that we shouldn’t make the arm of flesh our strength.

OVER TO YOU… Go seek God without alternatives!
He has a way of moving faster that way!

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