So my little daughter started crying so seriously. It was so bad but I was determined not to heed to her request. She wanted a particular brand of biscuit and because she had eaten the same brand and another one, I told her she has to accept the fact that she can’t have it.(despite the fact that I could go and buy it)

She cried and cried but that cry did not make me pity her, rather I thought of the fact that next time I can’t buy that brand and we are possibly outside, she might “disgrace” me in public. She needs to know that she can’t always have all that she wants.

After a while when I couldn’t bear that noise anymore, I called her to my side, hugged her and told her why she couldn’t have it now. She soon stopped crying, got engrossed in other things and then slept off.

When I went out to get other things, I decided to buy it for her, not because she was crying this time but because i just wanted to give it to her. I left it on the table for her to eat whenever she wakes up.

Then my muse spoke…

God has everything we desire and we’d ever need in this life! He can give everything to us physically in a moment if he wants to.


Some of us are living everyday murmuring, complaining, bitter and ungrateful because of our desires. We are so blinded by what we need that we refuse to appreciate what we have already.

Sometimes you might be wondering why it’s taking so long for you to have that thing you desire, it might just be your attitude, disposition and mindset that is postponing the delivery of your desire.

God does not like murmuring.

‘Neither murmur ye, as some of them also murmured, and were destroyed of the destroyer.”

Phill 2:14
“Do all things without murmurings and disputings:”

Note that she possibly forgot about the biscuit or let it go and then slept. When we let something’s go, it becomes a ticket for our desires.

You must have heard or experienced situations where people desiring a spouse or a child decided to “forget’ about it while they pursue other aspects of their lives with thanksgiving. Most times, God interrupts them when they are no longer worried about it and they just see the fulfilment of their desires.

What is that thing you desire?
God needs to get you to a state where you are no longer worried, sad or complaining about it while you’re totally “asleep” and at rest knowing that he that is faithful to make you wake up every morning can still make you experience your desire.

What’s next?
Get the praise on.
Be joyful.
Be thankful for what you have now and where you are.
Be grateful.
Quit murmuring.
Rest in Him.
Let it go and Let go.



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