There’s a way God works and if you understand it to an extent, you’d find courage, hope and faith to keep on till you see that change you desire on that issue!

They cried out aloud, and cut themselves with knives till blood gushed out.
They called on their god throughout the day but there was no answer!

THE POINT IS… they had all the hours to display.
# Prophets of Baal.


When Elijah came on the scene, the word of God says that he repaired the altar and put the wood in order!

THE POINT IS… When all was in place, God showed up with fire!

Note 2 strong points!

1.   The enemy will throw all manner of challenges before you and it seems it’s taking all day and you’re consistently being messed up by these challenges. It doesn’t mean they are winning, they are just trying different strategies to destroy you.


How can you compare a god that sleeps to a GOD that does not sleep?

(God is not asleep on your case)

2.   God will always arise when you’ve placed the wood in order! The wood can be likened to the word of God!
Note that Elijah repaired the altar and then placed the wood in order.

Go back and restore your relationship with God. This is not the time to draw back but to get closer. Regardless of your flaws, repair that broken relationship as you get back on your knees in worship and in prayers.

Get relevant scriptures ( the wood) and reason out with him with the content of your prayers.

It won’t take time, FIRE WILL COME DOWN and lick up every seemingly stubborn and long standing challenges on your way including all the attendant mess it has cost you!

Remember that the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench?

The spirit of God will lick up all traces of your troubles that you’d know of a truth that HE IS GOD!

How can you explain a woman that started this year with possibly less than 100k in her account but ends up a multi millionaire before the year runs out?

Traces of poverty will leave in no time!

What’s the Conclusion of the matter?
A change is definitely the end point regardless of all that is thrown at you now but you have a daring responsibility to call your challenges to fight presenting your strong reasons from the word of God in prayers.


Reference: 1Kings18

# thewordworks
# theresanend
# expectations
# challenges
# fightoffaith
# hope
# victory

  – Bukola Adeolu-‘Dele


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