(True Story but edited )

Tony and Susan have been seeing each other for about 2 years now. Their relationship seemed to be a perfect one. They had  SEX as often as they saw and there was little or nothing they were keeping back. After all,  if person don  see your nakedness,  wetin remain?

Susan had aborted thrice for Tony and was seriously warned by the Doctor the last time so she was determined to keep swallowing the pills and doing all that she could  to make sure she wasn’t pregnant.

Tony on the other hand had no single pill to swallow of course. All he needed was to satisfy his urges, provide the money and they were good to go.

Hmm. …..

Susan was to have lectures the following morning but had to drag herself out of bed. She felt dizzy and funny. She knew how she always felt when pregnancy came calling and so she went for a test.

The cry of a baby is what will be heard in 9months if nothing is done about this she heard clearly in her head! Susan took a drop straight  to Tonys house and there she told him… “We are expecting our fourth baby and I’M NOT GOING TO ABORT THIS TIME”

“What do you mean by fourth baby” Tony replied.
“Oh, so you don’t know you’ve actually being a father 3 times” Susan said.

“My lecturer explains SEX , abortion and how it plays out for us anytime we have her class and seeing her paint the pictures on that white board, I’m  scared my womb might be damaged..,”

Tony almost bursted out in a rage and about to question her on the use of contraceptives and all when he quickly got  a check in his head…

“Pretend you are happy with the pregnancy”

“Oh beautiful. Nothing to worry about. You’ve tried and I guess we just have to keep this one now and start planning our marriage immediately”

Wow! Marriage? Susan couldn’t hide her excitement.
“I’m  surprised you’re accepting just like that Tony” Susan said.

“Come here baby” Tony said. ( I wonder which of the babies) And with that,he pulled her on his bed and they had another amazing session.

It was Saturday evening and Tony had Invited Susan to his house to plan their court wedding over dinner. He had bought some delicacies from an eatery and a drink they shared together.

The next day after church, Susan stood up from her seat and before everyone, drops of blood trickled  down her skirt. The more embarrassing thing was that soon, clots of blood started falling out.  She was rushed to the hospital…

“It’s  an abortion” the Doctor said.

Tony held her hands by her bedside and tried to comfort her and hoping she’d  be discharged very soon. Tears came down her eyes as she held on tightly to Tony.

As he was about leaving for home while hugging her right on the bed he thought…” Now that I’ve successfully  gotten rid of this, it’s the end of this nonsense called  relationship ”

It’s  always dangerous when SEX is involved!

Who tends to suffer more?

  – Bukola Adeolu-‘Dele

Love thrives with understanding.


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