I had seen it before now that a time is coming when Professional Counseling will be highly needed in our country Nigeria. Both paid and voluntary services in counseling will become highly sought after.

I studied counseling in the University as a first choice and not because I just needed to choose a course that was not competitive. As my usual custom is… despite waiting for admission for 7years, I prayed asking God to reveal his desired course for me and I saw it boldly written out! So…. I filled it in as first choice.

Prior to learning and being trained at the University of Ibadan  ( a school I had all my degrees from so far, starting with a diploma to B.Ed, to M.ED and PH.D soon by God’s  grace), I had  counseled people non professionally  but with passion.  THEN as far back as 99, I’d make photocopies of awareness for people hurting to contact me and  I’d paste it on my doors and toilets. SO MUCH WAS AND IS MY DESIRE TO HELP TROUBLED PEOPLE.

Why did I have to type out the above?  You don’t have to wait to be professionally trained to counsel people! A lot more will still die while you’re waiting.

Sure you can get trained,seek for knowledge in books and online but while at that, START COUNSELING RIGHT FROM WHERE YOU ARE.

The news is everywhere of a Doctor who committed suicide recently and then, I saw yet another woman who attempted same today and of course,  many others happened before now, is happening right now and will still happen.

People take their lives for numerous reasons but whatever reason it could be, the point  is that they were driven to a state where their living made no more meaning and could not bare to face the responsibility of living one more second.

This man jumped into the river and some people guessed he might  have been depressed.  Well,  that could be true but what is also true is that you don’t  have to pull  a gun or jump into the river to die by depression. A man can look into the thin air and just give up the ghost due to depression.

A woman few years  ago( where I used to live), having faced serious financial hardship with her husband had to go and plead with her neighbour that she needed food to eat and feed her children. The neighbour  told her she didn’t have. She felt so shattered and I guess it seemed to be her last option.
She asked to use the toilet and that was it!  She gave up the ghost on that seat without an external touch!

I was counseling a young school girl of about 13 years and she told me how she attempted suicide and planned further to kill her mum. Mum is a Single Parent who does not care about her. (long story)

That girl was a time bomb. Momma never knew she could loose not just her own daughter but her own  life too.


FOR all those that are in control of themselves and undertand the dynamics of challenges and then further have a passion and desire to help people,take giant steps forward,showing more love and genuine concern for others.

We handle challenges differently and it’s not exactly the fault of those that are suicidal. Infact, some temperaments are more prone to depression  than the other. Some don’t  just  have the knowledge and the required stamina to keep fighting on.

FOR all those that have issues they know is getting beyond them but are bottling it up for fear of others knowing, please step out and seek help! Don’t assume you can go through this alone. Seek professional counseling.  If you don’t have  money, join a genuine support group but most importantly, don’t stay by yourself.
The thought to jump into the river might just cross your mind one day as you pass by, and if that thought becomes stronger than your inner man, you’re bound to take that leap!

FOR those saying that man is going to hell,  you’d be shocked if he isn’t!

# seek counseling
# seek help
# show love

Love thrives with understanding.


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