If there’s anything that draws my attention like a magnet, it is where singles gather which got me initiated into the Big Brother Naija show.

So, once in a while I pop in and I’m not disappointed. I deliberately watch what interests me and then “log” off!

I’m not disappointed because I’ve seen clearly a lot of things as it has to do with relationships and sexuality.

5 Things out of many others I’d like to point out so far…

1.   When money is involved, what you can do and not do IS THE REAL YOU! So, for everyone that has messed up in front of the world, either because it’s a game or not… That’s the real you!

2. I remember clearly a scene where they were all gathered gisting about relationship and Debbie Rise stood up in their midst with a little book ( I guess a bible) and was trying to explain to them some factors that must be evident in a relationship if a guy truly loves you)

She was tackled by everyone and finally she succumbed as she left their midst.


Note! We are living in a world where majority goes with pleasure, fun and not a real relationship major goal which has to do with fulfilment of purpose together in an atmosphere of mutual love and focus.

If you want to STAND up for the Truth, then you had better be sure of the truth you’re standing on so that if 20 out of 21 people are against you, you can still STAND!

Always remember this… that LOVE means different things to different people and your definition of love might just be so different from what that guy or lady believes love to be.

3.   Bisola said she doesn’t mind a cheating husband and that is the lies being sold to us in our generation!

I was tagged in a video where a lady speaking in a car kept pushing the fact that all men cheat and you desiring a man that does not cheat is totally impossible. She went ahead to encourage it in so many words I can’t type out and it and my heart broke. Immediately, I remembered someone’s words who said that if we don’t take our place the wrong people would.

( Can’t wait to start my Vlog)

If someone speaking with a smart phone without waiting to perfect the video and then spill out thrash to mislead millions, how much longer should I wait to save others???

Another actress also recently on social media, gave out “advice” on women condoning a cheating husband and helping him with condoms so he doesn’t bring back diseases to you. Oh my! what a shame and shallow statement. Can’t even dissect that now.

4. In relationships, you can’t afford not be discerning. When you have the spirit of discernment, the true personality and make-up of that persons you love will be revealed to you. God is not a wicked God. You can’t be a woman in love and with a working relationship with God in courtship and not be given access into anything hidden in that man you want to spend the rest of your life with!

If you only discovered after marriage, you might have as well being insensitive to signals.

# Bisola
# marriedTTT
# Ese’s “dream”

5.   Finally as I wrap up this piece, it’s on Kemens disqualification from the Big brother house.

PayPorte, the official sponsor of the show released this…

“Hello Everyone, Based on last night’s footage of @Kemen_fitness making sexual moves on @officialtboss_ which sparked a large outrage, we will like to make our stance known on this matter.
PayPorte is strongly against sexual harassment and perversion and we strongly condemn Kemen’s actions. We believe individuals whether under the influence of alcohol or being sober, should have high morals. We will be taking a decisive action on this. We will be updating you shortly.”

a. Kemen simply did what others have been doing but without the consent of the other party!

In life, you are expected to decide on taking some actions. Either bad or good, if you are forced or it’s without your knowledge , it is seen as an infringement on your rights.  Payporte saw this as an infringement on Tboss right.

So, don’t blame anyone for anything you decided and consented to.

b. The same organisers that provided Alcohol in good quantity still expected you to be in control of yourself.

Hmmm….. Life will present you with anything and everything to destroy or make you. You have the power to choose and decide!

c. Regardless of anything wrong Kemen has done, he was and is a man with a bright future ahead of him like you and I.

However, what he had failed to work on, brought him to public disgrace with an evidence that will be there forever!

He was very hopeful and had at one time gisted with Bally on driving the popular “Keke”

He had a chance to showcase his brand on fitness and trainings to the world and very possibly get contracts from similar brands and possibility of being an Ambassador for them thus making him for life if he leveraged well on it.

However, like the enemy’s usual GAME PLAN,, The devil waited for him ON THAT BIG DAY on on that GLOBAL PLATFORM to excuse him from his greatness and he walked right in!

Even the married TTT and Bisola condemned his act! You’d be shocked at those who will condemn you!

Proverbs 31:3…”Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.”

Kemen has given his strength to fingering Tboss and he got excused. Face it or leave it, regardless of how the BBNaija show is not encouraging on morals ( a contrast from Payportes official release), IT’S STILL NOT BY FORCE TO DISPLAY LOOSNESS!

You can use the show to your advantage and that for me is what really matters.

We might not be living under the same roof with the opposite sex for 3 months with all manner of lewdness but guess what? the world YOU and I live is in lewd.

They have few housemates to contest with now, we have the world to contest with!



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