Patricia had put on her blue jeans and a red top and off she went to visit her friend who lived some miles away that Saturday evening.

Patricia is a banker and hardly finds time to socialise so the little time weekend affords her, she tries to cease it and use it to the best of her ability.

On her way to Toyins house, she got robbed. She was receiving a phone call and just about stepping out to the supermarket, 2 guys surrounded her car and in a split second, snatched her bag from her.

She had a 200naira in her jeans pocket and decided to use that in buying plantain for her friend instead of the mini shopping she planned to do at the supermarket.

Getting to Toyins house, she didn’t just want to mention the fact that her bag was snatched , not wanting Toyin to feel that she went through that on account of visiting her. Moreso, Patricia is someone that easily overlooks things and will not gloss over mishaps or disappointments for days.

She had a nice time with encouraging Toyin and trying to help her snap out of the issue (so she thought) and handed over the plantain to her and promising to see her soon. (Toyin had just lost her job)

Toyin felt disappointed in Patricia. A whole me Toyin thought. How could she give me Plantain worth a paltry sum. Toyin told some of her friends who came visiting, she called up her fiance to tell him, she said it while she gisted in church on Sunday, she posted it (indirectly on facebook) and there the message went on to suggest Patricia as not living up to her status as a banker (even if it was just that day that Patricia could not live up to expectation)


Assumption is the termite that destroys and eats up relationships.
Little did Toyin know that Patricia was about getting stuffs for her when she was robbed.
Patricia had gone ahead to spend the only money she had in her pocket to buy the plantain.
If that is not love, what is it?

Yet, Toyin had gone ahead to tell whoever cares to listen how Patricia… a whole banker came to her house with a bunch of plantain worth 200naira.


The Question is…

If what actually happened behind the scenes is eventually made known to Patricia, HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN SHE GO BACK TO, TELLING THEM THAT WHAT SHE SAID FIRST WAS AN INSINUATION?

Yours might have nothing to do with a bunch of plantain.
It could be anything transpiring between you, your friends, family and partner.
Always give explanations on behalf of people.

If you look back, you’d agree with me that you’ve had experiences of making assumptions on people and finding out you were not right after all. .

How did you feel after that?

What happens if Toyin finds out about all Patricia has said regardless of her efforts?

Run from Assumptions today.

It destroys relationships and leaves you feeling guilty.


One thought on “DON’T ASSUME…

  1. folakemi

    So true sis. I usually tell the people around me to make excuses for people’s behaviours and then forget all about it, because the truth is that you will and can never know the other person’s full story.

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