Welcome to Day 5 of my lessons dished out to you.

I hope we’ve been added to so far and pegging down our action steps and taking them accordingly or keeping them in reserve for the time needed.

So, straight to today’s lessons…

1.   God provides for what he commands.

God can’t give you an assignment and still allow you to struggle for it’s accomplishment. The provisions should come sweatlessly.

Why it sometimes seems or feels as if we are struggling on a project might not be that we are on a wrong track but because we are not correctly positioned!

I’ve always said that “hustling” is not our language here.  We take diligent steps in discipline. We don’t hustle!

Part of being correctly positioned is to quit worrying and quit speaking negative words. These are the things that choke out God’s intervention. Remember that without faith,it is impossible to please God. We can’t claim to believe God and still take daily loads of doubt tonic!

After Mel had gotten the confirmation that he was going to travel,  God told him to prepare and that he was going to leave the day after the next! WOW!!!

He felt that was impossible and wondered how he could raise such money so soon when he didn’t even have a coin in his pocket. God insisted that he begins to tell his family and friends that he was leaving for the United states in two days.

How many of us can dare to believe God that you’d be leaving with your family for America tomorrow without a dime in your pocket or having any relative over there???

What is that thing you believe God for, yet your head is telling you it’s impossible?

Remember this.. Doubt can be in your head but keep faith in your heart!

It takes FAITH and knowing the God you’ve been relating with over the years.

The summary is that God positioned two sisters to come pick him up from where he was, money was paid for him to travel by a family he had never heard of. God had spoken to that family saying… “Send money to Indonesia to bring Mel Tari here” They had never met him but obeyed God by sending the money.

You know another lesson?

2.  When God is impressing in your heart to give to someone or to take a step, don’t ignore or shut it out. You never can tell what God is trying to accomplish through you. If you refuse, God has a million other people to choose from. It’s just that you’d have denied yourself a peculiar blessing and intervention from God.

3. At the point of visa collection, Mel was denied visa that morning but HE PRAYED MUCH! Note….

The fact that prophecies have gone ahead of you or some things have been told you by God does not mean that you should go home and sleep with it!

Remember some prophecies we’ve received in the past? You should still war with the prophecies and pray for it’s manifestation.
You should also take practical steps towards it’s accomplishment.

Part of what prophecy does is to give you a direction on God’s plan and to boost your faith. It helps you to fight a precise and targeted fight!

So, to claim and hug prophecies, go back to sleep and thinking they will happen because it has been said is hugging a joke. I have lots of examples to prove this!


I’ve started taking steps towards my own words of prophecy.
I hope if you received a word of prophecy concerning a child, that you’ve started buying baby stuffs and maternity wears?
That’s the way it works!

After MUCH PRAYER, and after lunch time the same day,  God asked him to go again and this time, he met with the consul and he was given the visa!

The STRIKING thing to note again is that he was asked the same question at the two interviews and he gave the same answer at both times!

We should realise that resistance does not necessarily mean we should give up!

Till I come your way again by God’s grace…

  – God’s provision is sure for what he commands
  – Obey nudging by God’s Spirit
  – Pray Consistently
  – Act out your expectations.



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