Welcome to the lesson I’d be sharing with you today. I hope yesterday was worth it and we were able to do some reflective thinking here and there. Note that it’s also very important you share with your loved ones too.

Let’s grow together!

*Understand that in most cases, there are SET TIME’S for the delivery of our desires and interventions as the case may be.

However, the thing about this SET TIME is that we play a major role in determining what the SET TIME will be. This has to do with OUR MOTIVES for what we want!

Until we get OUR MOTIVES right, we might have to merry go round for a long long while!

The question you need to genuinely and sincerely ask yourself today is…

Why do I want a car?
Why do I want a house?
Why do I want to be rich?
Why do I want a child?
Why am I in that group?

Just name it…

If those desires of yours are not right, you’d have to keep struggling to access it.

Is it for show off?
Is it to show them?
Is it to make a statement?

No one can ever be as truthful as YOU and to yourself.

Look at Hannah, until her prayer and motive changed, her child (answer) did not come.

Mel Tari wanted to travel out of Indonesia but God did not make that possible. He felt he was more spiritual than his sister who had been chosen earlier. He wasn’t chosen until the 42nd team which means 41 set of people were chosen from his church before him!

God told him he wanted him to get his motives right! He knew Mel didn’t want to serve him in the hard places of the jungle so he needed time to break him!

*Please note that PRAYER and STUDYING THE BIBLE are two proven ways that will help you to be broken and also gain access to Gods SET TIME which has the power to kick out anxieties and worries from your life.

God told Mel clearly the year he was going to be chosen to go to the United States of America!

I have experienced and had people tell me specific years and months things will happen and the bible is flooded with examples!

So, what’s the conclusion of the matter today?

  – It’s sweet to be in tune with God in fellowship because it grants you access to his timing.
  – Set your motives right!
  – Allow God to break you!
  – Get deep in prayer and the word.
  – Knowing set times, kicks out fear, anxiety, depression and worries.

Till I come your way again tomorrow…

Maintain your joy for surely, THERE’S AN END and the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off.



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