“Life is too sweet for someone not to make it before he departs” ~Oluwole Scott

I don’t know if anyone here has thought or is thinking like me but daily, I hear a loud voice in my spirit saying that…

You can be better than how you are presently.

You are passing through just once.

All things have been made ready and finished on your behalf when Christ gave up the ghost and said it is finished.

Indeed, it is finished!

What is left of us is to enter into that rest and by faith, access and take charge of all that has been bought for us by the precious blood of Jesus.

We are really robbing ourselves if we go through life sad, depressed, fearful and without hope.

I have seen a man (my Dad), who despite the weight of challenges he has gone through in life, keeps having faith, believing that this life will still yield it’s increase!

In case you don’t know, my Dad before now,”lost his two houses, his first son and lived in a place comparable to a store! ( all that is history now) but I’d bring it on here as we journey through these lessons.

Wow! Dad is a true and living testimony of what Faith can do in the life of a man as old and from zero point!!! (can’t wait to let you in on that)

Back to this lesson.

I don’t know how you see it but I must tell you, it will be a total waste to go through life with a lack of passion while we become so heavenly concious and earthly useless.

The truth is that NOTHING in heaven is the same that is being obtainable here on earth!

No seminars or conferences

No inspiring of people

No dating/ courtship or marriage.

No promotions

Just name it!


It’s so sad that the very things that will not matter when our existence on earth is over are the very things that will keep many from accessing that glorious place! The earlier you realise that you don’t have the luxury of time to waste, the better.

The earlier you hold on tightly to the fact that the life you live now is the blank cheque you have to determine your portion where you will abide forever. Remember that we are all going to give account of the life we live on earth.

What is the conclusion of the matter? Life was not created to be enjoyed by a few people. With determination, discipline, faith and connection with God from your heart, you will be able to dig out all the treasures of the earth, enjoy it, live like the king that you are, soar and not crawl through life and affect generations after you positively!

Are you like me? I’m determined to glean the treasures of this earth, turn it over in the FULFILMENT OF MY ASSIGNMENT and be able to give a worthy and fulfilling account ON THAT DAY!

Confess with me…

I will access all that God has blessed me with.

I will use it to benefit mankind while I enjoy the returns. I will not struggle through life.

Life is sweet and I will enjoy it.

Those that are enjoying this life don’t have two heads.

I have an added advantage with Christ. (get born again if you’re not)

I thank God for this privilege of life. I will not mis-use and undermine it nor walk below the heights prepared for me.

In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Do share if it has added anything positive to you.


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