Man-and-child-hold_2409462bThanking God first for this privilege!

Somehow, my heart has been drawn to my Dad to learn a lot from him to include what has shaped his life for over 60years he has lived so far.
My Dad has been someone that I’ve learnt a lot from either by his words and by his very life.
As I always say that the true testimony of a man is the one given by his immediate family!
What you know about someone on the outside cannot be compared with those living under the same roof with them. Why? Because that is his natural habitat.
Having lived with my Dad for years, I can say by observation, he’s an epitome of SACRIFICE and FAITH.
Asides that, I have learnt by the words he has spoken to me garnered from his walk with God and experiences over the years.
Before we embarked on the break, I was going to advise everyone whose Parents are still living to do all they can to spend quality time with their Parents. I really perceived that there are so many life lessons we need to get from them while they live!
I’m so sorry that somehow I couldn’t get to post that on social media. It’s sad that some of us have our Parents in the same country, yet we do not delight in a fellowship with them.
What an immense well of virtue we are over-looking. Ask those who have lost either or both parents. Some will tell you they wished they had spent more quality time with them.
Bear in mind that regardless of their weaknesses, they have immense strengths and lessons of life at heart which we need to get, document and run with. It will save us a life of stress!
We live in a world where an average youth feels that the wisdom of their parents is outdated and I must say that’s a big lie.
Wait until you read with me… Lessons from my Father.
I spent about a week learning all this. Some in my head, some written down while I had to do a video recording too.
Dear Friends, I challenge you to go search your Parents out and learn from them as often as possible. It will amaze you that they carry within them, stories and lessons you have never heard before.

So for the next posts on my blog, it will be lessons I got from my Dad as I spent some of the holidays with him.
Yeah mum was there but it was Dad this time.

Stay Tuned…


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