…If many couples could turn back the hands of time, they’d wish they were more informed about what MARRIAGE is, before making their choice for marriage and for a life partner.

Wait a minute… We call it LIFE PARTNER! So why have people made it A PART-TIME PARTNER?

Marriage is commitment and not one that can be entered into under an emotional rush of feelings. Marriage is spiritual!

The break down of a union is a puncture in the destinies of those innocent children who never begged you to bring them into the world.

Marriage is not by force, it’s not urgent, it’s not compulsory and it’s not what should be entered into because you have graduated from school and you’re now working!

Marriage is not for people who have problem forgiving others or those who have very sound memories of hurts, mistakes and betrayals from people.

Marriage is not for those that will always want to guard and protect their own space.

Marriage is not for those seeking to have, to collect, to receive or to want.

In conclusion, …Marriage is for people that are WHOLE and not HALF!

Tekena Ikoko says… “Always remember that a person who is whole emotionally will seek to complement another, but a person who is broken emotionally will seek a life to complete his or her life”

My definition of MARRIAGE…

“A union of two individuals with common values, principles and goals and who work together daily to achieve that goal by maximising the beauty of their strengths, tolerating and compulsorily forgiving one another while sharing all their resources which includes their time, materials, intellect, wisdom and bodies as they continue, pressing forward with a die-hard commitment to achieve the clearly laid down goals before their faces regardless of the storms of life that blows vehemently,sticking it together without options of quitting until they safely make it to the eternal tower.”

Let me know you read this. I’d love to read your contributions and comments and please do share if it blesses you.

With Love, Bukola Adeolu ‘Dele


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