1.Your Parents influence in the lives of people can also have an effect on your life. On the other hand, let’s be determined as a single to be married or already married to have positive influence in the life of people so that it can positively answer in the lives of our children either while alive or gone.

2. There are somethings we cannot do when we are not at rest internally or externally. Pray that the Lord grants you rest all around, that you might be able to accomplish with speed all that He has proposed in His heart for you.

3.There’s something about a vision and assignment from God! It does not die because the person died. It is transferred to another person. No one should be so quick in refusing to continue with another persons vision (these days everyone wants to start his /her own afresh)God is the giver of all beautiful assignments which in the long run is ONE GREAT ASSIGNMENT!We can always support or continue in another mans vision.Its beyond being a pioneer. 

4.It is very important to hear from God as regards the details or workings of any assignment for our lives.

 5.There is something we need that we don’t have but others do. Be bold to ask! 

6. A man is known to be foolish or wise by the words of His mouth. The question is: What words do you speak?

 7.God can actually meet ALL OUR DESIRES!

8. God works in people and then through them to bless us. However, we don’t go seeking the people but seeking their GOD!

9.There’s a partnership that works! Every man needs a covenant relationship. Prayerfully ask for yours.

10.No man is empty or born empty. You always have what to bring to the table. We all have what can attract the equivalent of what we need!

11. We are created and wired up to give continuously. You don’t give and stop. It should be your lifestyle. However, you can’t give what you don’t have and God won’t ask you to give what you don’t have.

12. There’s someone that wants what you have and there’s someone that has what you want. Pray that God connects you with such person. (Its really going to be a sweet and fulfilling partnership)

13. No one achieves anything great or worthwhile alone!

14. There’s a clearly designed assignment God has for you to accomplish on the earth. Ask Him about it today and start working on it because He’s going to ask you to give an account when you leave the earth.

After all, that’s why he created you in the first place.

Ref: 1Kings15



  1. Demeoru Emmanuel

    Mrs. Bukola-Adeolu Dele, you’re a rare gift to humanity. All these points sums up the very fact that God has a better future for us only if we align ourselves with his divine plans for our lives. Good lessons indeed…!!!

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